“Da queste parti, comunque, non guardiamo indietro a lungo. Andiamo sempre avanti, aprendo nuove porte e facendo cose nuove perché siamo curiosi... e la curiosità ci porta verso nuovi orizzonti”. (Walt Disney)

Who we are

Double is a network operating in fashion, art, design and food fields.

Thanks to the melting of different creative skills and to a modern way of working focused on customer satisfaction Double builds each time the most appropriate networks of relationship and activities making use of the collaboration of figures from different professional fields, mixing sinergie of experiences, intuitions and ideas.
Our target is being able to catch the differences and understand the needs to propose innovative solutions. Nothing is left to chance, each details is conceived, studied, realized and added in a harmonious and effective scenery.
Our philsophy is search, discover, promote and henance in a new way culture, art and fashion.
Synergy, interaction and professionalism are the basic elements of our daily commitment.

Maria Rosaria Melia

I have always dealt with public relations and each day I like to take on new projects. I have never left nothing to chance and that’s why in the organisation I study, imagine and take care of everything very carefully and accurately.
I am an Interior Designer, Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist.
Passionate and curious, I “have the nose” for new trends that I can smell in the air months before they happen.
I create with the company of my stereo and soft light. I reload myself by dancing. I love books, photos, BIC pen, the sax and kind people.
I always put my lipstick on before listening bad news….

Original Solutions

Synergy, interaction and professionalism are the key elements of our daily commitment. We dedicate ourselves with enthusiasm and speed to the realization of each project with original and customized solutions. Always attentive and receptive to change and relying on our experience in the private and corporate sector, we make listening our starting point.

In Double we promote Culture creating events that aim at the implementation of a mission and an ethic, based on the growth of knowledge. It is for this reason that we have also always believed in the idea of designing confrontation’s spaces for the new generations. We like to create and support projects that involve young people and that push them towards a logic of healthy challenge and confrontation in terms of creativity. Furthermore, another indispensable goal for us, is encouraging young people to value their qualities in our region in which we feel very rooted.

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