Call to Love-World Food Programme

CALL TO LOVE is a format designed and implemented by Double, to support national and international humanitarian aid and social interest projects.
It deals with the most varied social causes: from scientific research, to the prevention of discomfort, from the fight against disability to projects for children.
CALL TO LOVE FOR World Food Program: The World Food Program is the largest humanitarian agency in the world whose fundamental mission is to combat global hunger. It is able to respond to all emergencies and is the first agency in the world for logistics and humanitarian aid transports.
In one month, from 25 August to 24 September 2017, died, due to the violence in Myanmar, in Rakhine State, at least 6,700 Rohingya, including 730 children under the age of 5.
Approximately 340,000 fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, living in desperate conditions, in refugee camps where is lacking food, water and every form of healt care.

Dear Rosaria,
I would like to thank you for your donation to WFP on the occasion of Call To Love 2017.
Thanks to the contribution of all those who participated at the event, we collected the equivalent of 6,000 rations of nutritious food that WFP will distribute to children, women and men who are forced to leave Myanmar and are now in Bangladesh where they can only survive thanks to humanitarian aid.
Your generosity combined with that of many other people in the world has allowed WFP to distribute food to 656,000 people every day from August to today.
From our part and of all those to whom this donation has given a hope of life, THANK YOU!

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